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Sophea Interior Design, a boutique firm located in Encino, CA, is an industry leader in the sectors of high-end residential development and new construction for condominiums, offices, and private sectors.

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With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, we ensure high quality execution of every project. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with contractors, architects, vendors, developers, and so on guaranteeing that every aspect of the project is implemented to your satisfaction. Working with Sophea Interior Design infuses every design with passion and dedication, resulting in a space that is truly one-of-a-kind, a perfect reflection of your unique personality

Meet the Founder

Dorothy Alon, the driving force behind Sophea Interior Designs, is a highly regarded figure among real estate developers, contractors, and industry leaders. With an innate intuition and insightful approach, she fosters effective communication and treats architects, developers, and homeowners as valued collaborators. This mindset allows her to excel within budgetary constraints and adhere to strict timelines, setting a standard of excellence for her firm. Raised in Israel amidst a creative environment, Dorothy developed a deep understanding of beauty and aesthetics. Her admiration for the serene ambiance of boutique hotels during her hospitality years became the inspiration for infusing a sense of relaxation into her own designs. The result is homes that are warm, inviting, and evoke a genuine emotional connection. Dorothy’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to hone her technical and creative skills independently, continuously expanding her knowledge and problem-solving abilities. She actively engages with construction professionals, embracing innovative solutions to elevate her designs and consistently deliver remarkable results. From office spaces that enhance client retention to transformative space conversions and homes that inspire love, the undeniable impact of Dorothy’s work speaks for itself

Meet the Team

Nicole K Rahnama

Junior Designer

Joel Alonzo

Senior Designer

Lana Aslo

Junior Designer

Ann Ivazov

Business Development

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