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Breakfast With The Stars
In this renovation of a famous house—once owned by Joanne Carson and frequented by Truman Capote—designer Dorothy Alon creates a space that is ready for its close-up. With large floor-to-ceiling sliders, the outside entertaining areas flow into the home’s main living area. Read on and also watch our interview with Dorothy Alon of Sophea Designs in the video below.  Homes in Los Angeles may occasionally have a celebrity connection, but this house, perched above Sunset Boulevard, comes with a storied and star-studded past. A former owner was Joanne Carson, ex-wife of late-night talk show host Johnny Carson, and her recurring houseguest, writer Truman Capote, who died in the house in 1984 at the age of 59. The developer who bought the property turned to designer Dorothy Alon, founder of Sophea Interior Design(opens in a new tab), to elevate the home back to its former glamour. “When I was there, I was very spiritual thinking about the house’s history,” Alon says. “I wanted to take my time...
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