Haute Residence Press Feature

“Dorothy Alon, founder of prominent Los Angeles-based design firm, Sophea Interior Designs, has established herself in the last decade among Los Angeles developers, contractors, and other thought leaders in real estate. Dorothy has built her reputation as someone whose intuition and insight comes through in every project that she undertakes.

“We do things a little bit differently,” says Dorothy. “About 90% of my clients are developers. After becoming familiar with the scale of work that I have done, along with my extensive experience in the field, they have developed the trust and understanding that we are a team and we are in this together. I think they appreciate that I’m not only focused on ‘making things look pretty.’ Instead, my approach is more like, ‘yes, make this look pretty, but make it functional as well’.”

Sophea Designs does not only handle the design aspect of a home, but it also participates in the planning and building process.

“Ideally, the architect gives me the floor plan before even going to the engineer,” Dorothy explains. “Because we try to insure that all the interior built-ins and functional spaces are accounted for in order for us to not be limited by the structure itself.”

“While interior design is a broad spectrum and entails a multitude of specialties, I decided early on to focus on spec homes and new construction projects. This kind of business requires the interior designer to be involved early on in the process. Typically, we are getting the floor plans after the architect’s first draft and we are looking at the house placement on the site map. Then we check that all the main spaces are sufficient and proportional to the scale of the house, both in space and return on investment. We proceed by verifying every window and door size and location. Lastly, we are making sure all standard furniture works in the space and we have enough wall space for cabinets, storage and art. Once this is complete, we continue with designing and selecting finishes. If we have any comments throughout this part of the process, we send it back to the architect to hear their thoughts. We respect the work they have done so far and would like to make sure we are giving our client the best product possible in terms of architecture and interior. In essence, the architect is the conductor and we are the orchestra. We work with all architectural softwares to make it easy for them to quickly respond and keep the work streamlined.”

Dorothy’s passion in describing the ins and outs of her work and her company’s functions is palpable. “I think about everything,” she says. “I think of every house we work on as my own investment and as if I were going to live in each and every one of them. That is how I think. This is my mentality toward every home I have designed. I have worked on hundreds of houses and I start every project with the same amount of excitement. The passion toward what I do is what keeps me going. In that sense, we are different. We care. We really care about what we do.”

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